Always Open 24 Hours a Day
1060 Witzel Avenue Oshkosh, Wisconsin  54902

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Images below are of Dirtstripper Touchless Car Wash in Oshkosh

Next to Maytag Coin Laundry

Oshkosh Location has 2 Self Serve car wash bays with Hog's Hair brushes ($2.50 = 4 minutes)

Try the Rug Beater at Oshkosh for those hard to clean floor mats

Images below are of features found at all Dirtstripper Locations:


Underbody Flush at 1000 psi & 35 gal/min (not your garden hose)

Wash is customized to the measurements of your vehicle

Yes, we even wash DUELLYS!

Trifoam for your DUELLY

High Pressure Rinse at 1000 psi & 35 gal/min  (beats cheerleaders)

99 seconds of Drying time from 40 Horsepower Dryers

Leave with a sparkle! Thanks to spotfree, declorinated, softened, r/o water

Brilliant Touchless Clean

VACUUMS on site, Oshkosh location has 4 ($1.00 = 5 minutes)

Fresh Auto Fragrance scents, 3 to choose from ($1.00)